A Day in the Life

Careers in this field usually involve skilled trades that can be trained on the job and do not require a degree. These positions can range from plumbing and electrical work to solar installation and cabinetmaking. If you find yourself interested in project planning or design, you might consider architecture or project management, which are careers that do require a college education and a degree. If you enjoy hands-on activities and problem solving this may be the field for you.

Ask Yourself This
Do you enjoy working outdoors?
Do you like working with various kinds of tools and machinery?
Do you get satisfaction from building something with your own hands?
Do you have what it takes?
Problem Solving
Ability to Multitask
Cooperative Attitude
Career-Related Activities
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High Demand Careers

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Assistant Superintendent
Source: SiteAware
Woodlane Milling Processor
Source: Talent Hub
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Landscape Architect
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HVAC Technician
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Project Manager
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Building Inspector
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