A Day in the Life

If you have an interest in internet security, coding, or building websites, this could be the world for you! You could work for a tech company developing software, or the database administrator in the IT department of a non-tech company ensuring their systems run smoothly. With these and most technology careers you will likely find your work environment to be an office space, but don’t think that means it is not exciting! There is always going to be something new in technology and you need to have a fast-paced and adaptive work ethic to keep up. Most skills in this world can be learned through certification and training programs, but there are many educational paths you can take to pursue a career in technology. Most employers will ask for an associate or bachelor’s degree but will accept candidates with equivalent skill and experience level.

Ask Yourself This
Do you like to stay up to date on the latest technology trends?
Are you interested in designing your own software or apps?
Do you work well in a team?
Do you have what it takes?
Continuous-Learning Mindset
Time-Management Skills
Career-Related Activities
North Florida Worlds of Work Career Expo
Career Nights
Brain Bowl
Service Clubs
Foreign Language Clubs
Science and Technology Clubs
Robotics Team
TSA - Technology Student Association

High Demand Careers

World Resources

Software Engineer
Source: ConnectEd
Source: ConnectEd
Security and Fire Alarm System Installer
Source: Talent Hub
Director of Business Development
Source: Talent Hub
Information Technology Consultant
Source: Talent Hub
Chief Information Officer
Source: Talent Hub
Computer Systems Administrator
Source: Talent Hub
Web Developer
Source: Talent Hub