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Science and engineering careers are some of the most highly educated roles, that usually require at least a bachelor’s degree, and professional engineers must have a state license to practice. There are some positions that do not require a degree though, such as survey and map technician or architectural drafter. There are many types of engineering such as mechanical, civil, chemical, and industrial, that are working to design and plan things before a hammer even touches a nail!  Working as an engineer or environmental scientist you could find yourself in a laboratory, an industrial facility, a weather station, or even a deep ocean.

Ask Yourself This
Do you excel in math and science?
Do you like to design or draw?
Are you interested in the details of how things work?
Do you have what it takes?
Organization & Coordination
Detail-Oriented Thinking
Time-Management Skills
Career-Related Activities
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Career Nights
Science and Technology Clubs
Brain Bowl
Robotics Team
Service Clubs

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World Resources

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